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All you need to run your business smoothly.

The online workspace designed for freelancing

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" At onboard,
we know that your business is unique.

Our goal is to
make you stand out
and drive you to success. "

Why choose us ?

Let's make your business easier

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Get that client

Stand out and onboard your client

with a personal touch.

Thanks to our unique Task Builder, make a strong business proposal with a step by step roadmap.


Our templates will help your clients get a thorough, thoughtful experience that will leave them feeling valued, making you stand out from the competition.

Save your time and your energy

Focus on what matters, we got you covered.

Automated contracts

Discover powerful automations, and communicate more efficiently.

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Automated emails & reports

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Smart reminders for you and your clients

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Get paid quickly and safely

Use different payment methods to match your needs and those of your clients.

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VISA, Paypal

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Down Payment

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Milestone Payment

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Wire transfer

What we offer

the all-in-one solution for efficient freelancers

A one-stop platform that simplifies your workflow

CRM Dashboard

Take a broad overview of your sales funnel with our CRM Dashboard.

Track record of every activity you have with a lead, a prospect, or a customer.

Online Secured Payments

Enjoy several payment methods : Credit Card, Paypal, Down Payment, Milestone Payment.

Automated Reports

Save your time by setting  and sending automated reports for specific milestones of your project.

Automated Emails & Reminders

Send automated emails to simplify your communication with your clients on specific tasks.

Send automated reminders for you and your clients when needed.

Automated Contracts & Legal Documents

Generate every legal documents you need within a few clics : Proposal, Quote, Contractor Agreement, Non-Disclosure Agreement, Invoice.

Task Builder

Build the perfect roadmap with our templates.

Guide your client through each step and simplify your collaboration with them.

Live Chat & Automated Emails

Use the live chat to communicate smoothly and have a better view on your conversation history.


Work with the tools you already use, such as the Google Suite, the Microsoft Suite, Zoom, Calendly, or Miro.

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