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About us

Our Mission

At onboard, we have 2 main missions.


The first one, is to give the opportunity to everyone to become a successful independent worker. Especially in these uncertain economic times, we want to be the companion for all the people who want to become independent.

The second one is to professionalize the way freelancers work. With the acceleration of the digitalization of the business, it is more and more essential to be able to offer our services online in the safest and most convincing way possible.

Our Purpose

Onboard is an online workspace designed for full-remote freelancers who want to simplify the management of their business.

This all-in-one project management platform allows freelancers to run their business more easily by automating basic tasks, from customer acquisition to customer relationship management, and administrative tasks.

Our Vision

At onboard, we strongly believe that everyone should have the right to work wherever they are.

With the expansion of the internet to the most remote part of the world, and the rise of cloud computing, digital nomadism will be the norm.


The 2000's were the age of office work.

The 2010's is the era of home office.

The 2020's will be the time where the world is your workplace.


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